Alphanet (founded in 1985) advises national and international businesses strategically in relation to their Marketing and, since 2012, also to security related matters.  

For your Marketing Needs, we provide product marketing als sales support and  website development, support, and maintenance using the content management system Typo3.

Also offered is Google mobile optimization and Google Search Engine Optimization in Typo3.

Drone Systems are used for exterior video and image production.  

In addition, we developed solutions in the fields of Data Protection, Identification Marking and Tracking of mobile property and offer customized tools for product protection, trademark counterfeiting, and Theft Prevention.

Our Identification Marking and Inventory Service as well as the preparation of an index of valuables complete our services.  

Our brand marking4all offers extensive solutions for your company.

You can download an information brochure here.  

Our clients come from the sectors of trade, media, and service enterprises and have trusted our expertise for many years.  

Due to the tense security issues facing Europe and Germany (Link NZZ), we have decided to expand our security services beyond the IT Sector to include also Companies and Private Individuals in collaboration with external experts.  

This applies especially to commuting to and from the Workplace but also to Daily Living (e.g. shopping, recreation, school- and daycare routes as well as the Use of Social Media).  

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