Due to the tense security situation in Germany and increasing criminal transgressions against citizens and businesses, it has become prudent to prepare preventatively for such occurrences. (Statistics BKA) (Personal Security)  

Prevention makes much sense, not only in the use of mechanical security devices and alarm systems. Modern Identification Marking and tracking methods can significantly improve the retrieval especially of mobile valuables as well as their identification as stolen goods.  

Casual ‘Posting’ or ‘Liking’ of messages on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ allow for sensitive information about citizens (or their children) to be publically accessible on the net, such as whereabouts, vacation locations, habits, social status etc.! Easily accessible also by potential intruders and other criminal networks!  

Here, especially online sale portals (ebay) (ebay classifieds) and subsequent posting of such information on social media sites must be mentioned.  

This applies equally to business portals like XING or Linkedin, especially for Managers. How can I best protect myself and my company from data espionage? How can I participate in these networks without passing out sensitive information? How do I protect my privacy and that of my family on the net? Please contact us.  

What options do I have as a Business during longer periods of power failure? How can I continue to maintain Communication with Suppliers and customers? What kind of emergency plan do I need? How do I protect my Know-How within the company? Where do I safely store my important data?

Please contact us.