Commercial security includes IT Security as well as access control and monitoring of the building envelope and environment with electronic tools (video systems, surveillance of parameters, patrol duty).  

Together with our security partners, we perform a comprehensive risk analysis and support your company also during the additional steps of implementation and operation (emergency planning). We use also Drones for Video and Image Recording of the company premises. Aerial images can show security flaws in the external areas.  

The complex Know-How, which, as a rule, consists of IT-Security and physical security, cannot effectively be covered by the average “burglar alarm system provider” (alarm system provider) since comprehensive background knowledge is needed regarding methods used by burglars and their delay or, in a best case scenario, their prevention through a combination of technical and personnel measures.  

In a job search, the choice of place of residence (or the location of the business) plays a special role and with it Personal Security /security of employees. Help yourself and your Employees to be preventatively protected.  

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