Kölner Dom Panorama aus ca.49 Meter Höhe
Restaurant "em Krützche" Köln-Altstadt
Restaurant "em Krützche" Köln-Altstadt
Hohenzollernbrücke mit Musical Dome
Photovoltaik Panel (Solarpanel)
Thermosolar Panel Check

We record or take images of your real estate property, company buildings or carry out inspection flights.  

The necessary official permits are applied for by us. We arrange also for street closures, if necessary.

We have general start permission (Allgemeine Aufstiegserlaubnis) in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate as well as applicable liability insurance for commercial drone flights within the EU (incl. Switzerland & Liechtenstein) with coverage of 5 million Euro (increase possible upon request). We will be happy to request permits for other countries.  

We offer the following range of application (4K or HD video and images):  

 Please have a look at the examples on this page.  

We also offer the integration in VSEO (video search engine optimization) as well as the creation of short films with your company logo and background music.  

Please contact us.  

We will be happy to return your call.